SB Reichenbach

I’ve been waiting on you all~

But waiting’s Booooring. So, if you missed the clues I left, well, it hopefully’s not too late~

Well, even IF the real deadline passed, the prize might still be there.


You all are so~o~o boring.

My dear angelics, did you honestly thing you’d find him that easily? I forgot my camera, but watching you scramble around like you actually thought you were going to catch dear Richard over here… it was amusing, but not for long.

And, you, Team Moriarty - because there ARE two of you, don’t deny it; you said it yourself - you post all these horrendously simple puzzles, give one an ambiguous answer, and then pride yourself on your cleverness, saying you’ve tricked people because there’s not just one simple answer?


I’d expect as much from a little boy in grade school. And really, you’ve been posting all of your riddles and games, without taking the time to even look at mine? I’m hurt. Wounded, even. I even went to the trouble of leveling a surprise for both of the teams. The game’s not fun if no-one’s playing it. 

I should note that there’s a time limit on my riddle as well; it’s not nearly as rigid as yours, but we saw how well THAT works out for the Holmesians~ 

Well, this is going to be fun~